Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Elite Model Management sent over some girls again on Monday for me to meet & greet. had to rush back from Lime Grove, whack lunch in the oven and even had time to sneak in half an episode of Family Guy before the first girl Julie showed up. here are a few that stood out:

FEI FEI SUN :: was looking forward to seeing her the most and without a doubt my favourite girl of the day. those eyes, that hair, those HANDS! so graceful. she flew back to Shanghai today so I'm chuffed I got to see her. she's built up a lot of momentum since Elite Model Look '08 and her book is already as stunning as she is. this girl could be my muse.

OLIVIA DUNIN :: moved over from Independent after they shut down. a very calm girl with a kind, warm energy, amazing hair and gorgeous eyes...

JUSTINE :: Canadian ghost...absolutely striking and otherworldly look.

SIGAIL CURRIE :: I could spend the whole day with this girl. PIZZAZZ!

ADRIANA :: brand new to Elite but full of grace and poise. eyes you could get lost in and legs that go on for days.

JULIA :: those legs, that mouth, those freckles. cute cute cute.

JULIE DUMONT :: the only girl of the day that saw the inside of my (messy) flat! came through into the building before I had the chance to grab my camera and meet her in the lobby. statuesque, intense and has a face you could cut diamonds with.

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