Saturday, 12 December 2009


as much as Leila frustrates me sometimes with her arson of generalized advice (ie. you should test // get together with friends and discuss ideas // research your concept) she does occasionally offer gold nuggets of constructive critique however acid-coated they appear at first.

the major project is coming along nicely but i'm being held back by too much attention to surface detail; in her words my work has been "paralyzed by aesthetics". i've got enough to deal with theoretically but i'm finding it hard to integrate it visually into my project which is actually quite a general problem for me i think. i need to wrestle with the subject i'm trying to portray instead of just re-affirming it. i'm too afraid of making mistakes and for this project (and my work) to carry any weight i've just got to step outside my comfort zone and find a way of basically injecting some life into my pictures. by not being so precious with them.

to be honest it wasn't something i wanted to hear but i needed to hear it.

watch this space.

brian shimansky @ m&p // styling :: raphael hirsch // hair&makeup :: sung hee park


Misato Karibe said...

but i always think trying something new
would really help to improve espcially when you are at uni. It`s still okay to make mistake while you are student... +S

duane said...

yea totally...i'd rather make all my mistakes now when it doesn't really matter but it's so hard, especially this year..

d x

Anonymous said...

Hey Duane. Laila is my tutour as well. The best advice I can give you is try to put yourself in her shoes. What does she need to do her job as a teacher??? 1. To be shure you spend your time at uni producing as much work as possible. To do that she needs to challenge you with a lot of new staff, take you out of your comfort zone if you want. Even you have the most brilliant idea she must not allow you to shoot it now as it's too early to finish it all, so don't get upset. The only thing you can loose in this kind of education is your true-self by being concerned too much with theory and other peoples opinions(which are always subjective). Leila critisized my Dandy project as well, but I know the mistakes I'd made so I'm trying to improve them now for my major project. I'm planning to show nobody my work until fully completed as any opinions(even/mostly by tutours) are going to confuse me and question my visual style of photography. That's why I have stopped giving advise to you guys because you're all different and can take better pictures than me in your own take care and happy Christmas..don't worry too much..present the same project ideas at end of March and any tutour will say well done, well done.. do :)