Sunday, 13 December 2009


only when it works though. the 'screen share' option on skype is amazing and comes in handy when doing an edit and not all your team is in the same place...


Misato Karibe said...

skype is greattt ;)

mm? do you use photo shot CS4???

duane said...

yep i've got Photoshop CS4...why do you need it? that program i'm using in the screenshot isn't CS4 though...

love love love skype!!

d x

Misato Karibe said...

i use cs4 all the time. which program do you use then?????
thought CS4 is really easy and great to use...? +O

Tom Hargreaves said...

yeh skype screenshare rocks.

awesome for helping my ditsy girlfriend out when i'm away!

misa, did you manage to sort actions out in CS4?

cos i can still do the skype call if you need.