Thursday, 4 February 2010


concerning the emergence of Hong Kong as a fashion center and relating it to the consumption of Japanese fashion design in western fashion writing:

"...there was general agreement (amongst local designers) that the way to realize ambitions in international fashion was to "do something Chinese."

"...use "a Japanese globalization experience" highlight the interactive nature of the phenomenon...the point in the 1980's when high fashion became multicultural in an ambivalent process in which Western supremacy was spectacularly undermined, and yet subtly reinscribed."

"Japanese fashion designers themselves object to the demand for exoticization.  They speak against the dramatization of cultural difference and for a notion of a culture less pure."

(Skov 2003)

Europe's experience with non-western design was always processed within an orientalist framework.  similar to what was previously posted here.  now that global economics are changing, fashion markets are shifting and representations (both verbal and visual) are in revision, though still always infused with potent architectures of power.

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