Wednesday, 25 November 2009


i'm feeling totally unprepared for my tutorial tomorrow.

numero 18 // chad pitman :: nicola formichetti


Misato Karibe said...

you got lots of inspirational diaries in ur blog! im sure you will b e more than fine :) ur blog is really relevant to your research and very interesting to read.Xx
(i do check on ur blog almost everyday lol please dont think im stalking you!)

duane said...

thanks Misato! i've just totally been distracted the past couple of weeks and now i'm panicking because i'm still at square one. oh well i'll hit Leila with every single idea i've come up with tonight and see what she says.

i'll more than likely post her feedback up on here so keep stalking! haha

d x

kx said...

sigh, i'm still in square zero. no ideas at all =(
i'm sure you'll do fine =)