Wednesday, 25 November 2009


wasn't as bad as i thought but chastised heavily for not having moved along much since presentations. definitely focusing on menswear and still going to address issues of race and representation but not try to be so literal and gimmicky about it.

i told Leila i honestly felt my work was very detached and deadpan (kind of like me..) which she agreed with but then said i could probably make a feature of that in the series. it would work say to express a suppression of cultural identity in that style, but also to bring the menswear element into it by repackaging that conflict with the problems/struggles of british masculinity. not so gimmicky anymore but relies quite heavily on styling...

must start testing.


adam said...

thats crazy, i'm referencing schmid for my fmp. two minds, one thought.

duane said...

great minds!

two results hopefully :s