Saturday, 14 November 2009


lauched last month :: Condé Nast's fourth publication in China...much more promising than the inaugural Vogue China in my opinion in terms of Chinese identity - the cover features several leading Chinese figureheads (ie. Zhang Yimou, Andy Lau etc)

the main fashion story features up-and-coming chinese male model Daniel Liu (currently all over Uniqlo) and although it's promoting that whole new york high fashion consumer lifestyle it's given a slightly less eurocentric bias given the context with the cover. the 'chinese-ness' becomes primary in that setting while it would be interpreted much differently i think if they had put Richard Branson/Donald Trump/Alan Sugar/Brad Pitt etc on the cover...

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Misato Karibe said...

he looks like he is mixed from her. i mean... ya asian looks but his body-face structure is totally european.